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My cycling career started in 2005 when I purchased my first road bike and I was immediately hooked. Since then I have completed numerous cycling challenges including Ironman, Lands’ End to John O Groats, Mt Ventoux (all 3 ascents), London to Paris and most recently The BBAR challenge which included a 12hour TimeTrial.

My passion for cycling then led to wanting to help others to achieve their goals which is what led me to wanting to coach. I am a passionate cyclist who is committed to improvement through determination, planning, hard work and knowledge sharing.

James Walsgrove

Head Coach
Team Ride Harder

Our Statement

“Everything you need to make you faster on the bike”

Here at Ride Harder we are committed to making you as fast as you can be by providing the tools, knowledge and support needed. We offer the very best coaching programmes both group and individual along with the latest bike fitting and testing processes using market leading tools. This will make you more comfortable and aero on the bike leading to better performances.

Our Services


Our Services

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Our training plans cater for every type of cyclist and have been created to help you achieve that individual goal or target in a time efficient manner so regardless of your training time availability there’s a plan for you.

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Our Clients Say

I have been part of the Team Ride Harder coaching plan for three seasons now and cannot recommend it highly enough. Before I had a plan I just used to bike and whilst I could do this quite well and fast the sessions never had any structure and I didn’t seem to improve. The plan means every session has a purpose and through regular testing I am able to make sure I continually improve.

Jane Hannah, Triathlete

I signed up with a single goal, to improve my fitness to improve my asthma control so that day to day life became easier. I’ve achieved so much more, my asthma is under the best control it has been for many years requiring significantly less drugs to achieve this. Another bonus is my running fitness has significantly improved and I can now regularly cycle with our faster club rides without being left behind. The plan definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Pippa Joy, Cyclist

The Ride Harder training plan has given me the structure and discipline I needed to keep me focused throughout the long winter months sitting on the turbo and has helped me achieve my racing goals during the summer

Jennifer Bettinson, Cyclist

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