Evanton – John O’ Groats 101miles This is the last (well hopefully) day of riding as we plan to reach John O’Groats by the end of the day. This was the worst nights sleep that we have had on the journey due to the fact that a seagull was practically in our room making all sorts of noises throughout the night! This only stopped when our alarm went off as think he was scared Robert was going to get his air gun! We managed to get away early again and [...]

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Tyndrum – Evanton 128miles We decided to go for an early start this morning although due to a slight mix up between me and Rob as to who was in charge of setting the alarm it was not as early as it should have been! Alistair was already down enjoying the continental breakfast and his opening comment was “I cannot even touch my arse today”, we did think why would you even want to? We left Steve at the hotel to go for his daily swim and wash in the loch. [...]

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Crawford to Tyndrum 98miles The topic we debated at breakfast this morning was why do they have square sausages up in Scotland but could not come up with any reasonable explanation in the end. Robert is still struggling to get his brain in gear in the morning as left his glasses, well Alistair’s actually as borrowing them, at the B&B! Thankfully Steve drove back for us and delivered them back to us in the van Tour De France style. I’m sure Robert hung on to the van for a little [...]

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Milnthorpe – Crawford      110miles The mood in the camp this morning was mixed. Rob woke up and tried to get his brain in gear just to get himself dressed, I was trying to book the next night’s accommodation and ended up ringing up the same B&B twice only to be told again they had no availability! The focus of today was getting over Shap pass which is a 9mile climb totalling 1,200ft. Alistair’s arse was still a little bit sore and we made a slight adjustment to the [...]

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After 3 days in the mountains it was back to the flat today which brought it’s own issues of tackling some major towns and cities. The first of which was Warrington so we attempted to navigate the way trying to look at the garmin, point out potholes and not get too distracted by the ladies wearing not much in this weather! The old chap we saw on a mobility scooter obviously spends all day getting distracted as we caught him following a pretty blonde in a short skirt and just [...]

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Tonights blog is slightly better but only by an hour!  I’ll take anything I can at the moment with how I feel! After 2 days of finishing at 9pm we made the decision to cut today slightly shorter and go for an earlier finish so I planned the route to finish at Wen some 85mile up the country. As we were struggling with a shortage of sleep so far on the journey we decided to lay in until 6.30am  to go for breakfast at the country club before we started [...]

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Today did not exactly go to plan as it is nearly midnight again and I am writing this again in bed with Rob snoring in the bed next to me! The problem with trying to complete the challenge in 7 days it means that we need to hit 130miles+ per day and being a few miles down already from the first tough day then there is no chance to rest and aimed for 135miles included nearly 7,000ft of climbing which I declined to share with Alistair. After staying in a [...]

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Well as expected Day 1 did not disappoint with being the toughest day of the trip! It is nearly 12am and I am only just getting round to writing this so I will keep it short today! After the usual tech issues and obligatory photo’s at the start we set sail slightly later than planned however was glorious sunshine which made the views stunning! They say “fail to prepare and prepare to fail” and that was the theme throughout the day due to our lack of studying the route in [...]

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