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Dunwich Dynamo Double

Having completed this event last year and being really impressed we decided to complete it again.  However, due to the logistical nightmare of getting to the start we decided to complete it as a 225 mile round trip leaving our car at Dunwich packed with a stove for making coffee and bacon rolls at the end! Good coffee as we know is a key theme for us cyclists and with the impending ride going through the night it was probably even more of a priority.  It wasn’t long before we [...]

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Stac Virtual Wind Tunnel

The Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) is an exciting new innovation by Canadian startup STAC Performance, co-founded by Andrew Buckrell. It allows triathletes and time trialists to get a complete, accurate aerodynamic analysis done in an affordable and convenient way. We start off the process with scanning which is the critical part. So we want to capture a good physical model of someone. This only takes around 2-3 minutes to complete. During this process you will be on your bike in the race position holding a static position so we can reconstruct this model in [...]

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Virtual Wind Tunnel

Do you want to know how aero your position is? Do you want to try different positions before committing to changing your bike? This is the service for you! Not only will your current position be scanned and sent off to be analysed, you will also be able to choose 3 amendments to see how aero you become such as different helmet, lower/longer front end etc. Contact me for further details or to make a booking.

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