Tonights blog is slightly better but only by an hour!  I’ll take anything I can at the moment with how I feel!

After 2 days of finishing at 9pm we made the decision to cut today slightly shorter and go for an earlier finish so I planned the route to finish at Wen some 85mile up the country.

As we were struggling with a shortage of sleep so far on the journey we decided to lay in until 6.30am  to go for breakfast at the country club before we started today’s journey. Alistair came down to join us (a table of 3 blokes) saying that his “arse was ruined” which I’m sure went done well with the other golfing guest! Enjoy your sausage sir?!

Al did reprieve himself by getting a refund on the rooms due to the lack of water pressure in the shower. I struggled to rinse myself down so can only imagine how Al felt with being some 6ft 6in.

We have all come to the conclusion that the hills are just plan unnecessary and why they cannot just move the soil from the top of the hill to the bottom hence levelling it out which would make life so much easier!

We arrived in Ludlow for lunch but were unable to find the cemetery so had to settle with the castle grounds for some shade.

It’s funny how both Al and Rob just assume that at whatever distance they aim for they assume there will be a coffee shop serving hot food but alas this is not the case and there have been long periods on just hills and fields. It reminded me of the first day when they both aimed for the big town of “St Allen” only to find one single church and not even a house! Don’t quite know what they were expecting, maybe a costa or a small shopping complex.

Tonight’s accommodation is the lovely “Old Rectory” in Wem which is a popular wedding venue and I am sure the couple being shown round were delighted to see me and Rob at the window with very little on and our washed cycling clothes being hung up from the window ledge!! Al and Steve’s room would not have been much better with Al bending over in front of the full length mirror checking out the damage and applying more cream!

The plan is to get back on track tomorrow with the milage which should be easier as the terrain looks much flatter. Maybe somebody took our advice!


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